It’s world known that Italians have a sweet tooth when having breakfast. They would usually meet at the caffè around a coffee and a croissant. Aside Caffè Alvino’s famous sweet specialties, our guests will also be able to eat salted meals inside or outside while contemplating «Lecce’ s lifestyle». A «must». All the more if you are only passing through Lecce on their way to the beautiful Salentine coast. We give you a 5€ voucher at your arrival for your breakfast that you will have to bring with you each morning. You are free to use it at your leisure. Maybe you want to order more… Maybe you prefer to eat in the privacy of your room or at the caffè.

At your arrival, you will find complementary snacks and some tea to satiate your hunger. If you want something else to eat or drink something else you can do it at Caffè Alvino, during opening hours.